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Phono Diamond 265W Poly (PH265W) Solar Panels


These 265 Watt Phono Solar Poly Panels (PV Modules), are excellent value for money, they may very well be the best value for money panels in Australia. There will always be better panels available, at a higher price. The key is to find the most efficient balance between cost, reliability, performance, quality, warranty and service. Solar Panels are a long term investment, so it is important to consider the following.

  • Has the manufacturer been rated as Tier1, by Bloomberg New Energy Finance? Only about 2% of the worlds solar manufacturers meet Bloomberg’s Tier1 Standards. Phono Solar Panels are rated as Tier1 Panels.

  • Is the manufacturer going to be around for a long time? The company that manufactures the Phono Solar panels – Phono Solar, is a subsidiary of Sumec/Sinomach (a Fortune 500 Company), with diversity, including ship building, manufacturing of agricultural and engineering machinery. They have been operating for 37 years and it is very likely that they will be around for a long time to honour any warranties

  • Are the warranties provided by the manufacturers insured by reputable Australian\International Insurers? Any long term (25 year) warranty figures can be quoted, they are not much use if they cannot be backed up, and the manufacturer may not be able to honour their warranties. Phono Solar Panels are insured by Alliance\Zurich.

  • Do the panels meet Australian Standards for Fire\Safety and have they been approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC)? Most have, including Phono Solar Panels. This is a basic entry level requirement to claim STC’s (rebates)

  • How reliable are the Solar Panels, how well will they perform when subjected to the elements (Sun/Rain/Wind/Heat/Cold/Snow/UV) over long periods of time? Have they been stress tested and compared to other leading brand Tier1 Solar Panels by certified independent Solar Panel Testing Laboratories.? Phono Solar Panels have very recently been tested by DNV GL, the world’s largest resource of certification and energy expertise. Phono Solar performed very well they are in the top two. Key findings of the tests can be found by clicking on this link

            Click here for the Key Findings of the Solar Panel Tests performed by DNV GL

            Click here for the Phono Solar Diamond 265W Poly (PH265) Spec/Data Sheet