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Victron BlueSolar Charge Controller MPPT 150/60

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The Victron BlueSolar Charge Controller MPPT 150/60 is ideal for use in house/holiday cabins Renewable Energy (Solar) applications, to charge batteries, using the sun’s energy. It is noiseless (No cooling fan) and can operate in temperatures from -30 to +60 degrees C.

This is another quality product from Europe, with a 5 year Victron Energy Limited Warranty.

The BlueSolar Charge Controller uses Ultra-Fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to improve energy harvest from the sun. This is beneficial, especially in cloudy/Partial Shading conditions and results in increased energy harvests of up to 30% when compared to PWM Charge Controllers and 10% when compared to slower MPPT Controllers.

This is an intelligent Multi-stage MPPT Solar Charge Controller, capable of maintaining battery life by

  • Using flexible (fully programmable) Charge Algorithm and eight pre-programmed algorithms to enable the correct charging of your battery

  • Using an internal Temperature Sensor to enable correct charging of your battery. (Charge parameters automatically adjusted when temperatures change)

A separate device (The Victron VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle) can be used to display useful information about your BlueSolar Charge Controller (such as solar panel power production) on your IOS or Andriod device (Smartphone/Tablet).


 Rated charge current: 60A

Maximum PV power, 12V: 860W

Maximum PV power, 24V: 1720W

Maximum PV power, 36V: 1500W

Maximum PV power, 48V: 3440W

Maximum PV open circuit voltage: 150V

Peak efficiency: 98%

Dimensions: (hxwxd in mm) 185 x 250 x 95

Weight in kg: 3

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Manufacturer`s Data/Spec Sheet

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